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Here at Simply Feeling Good we offer various types of Reiki Training

Are you feeling lost and unsure how to move past your current situation? Are you wanting to enhance your spiritual and healing abilities? Or maybe just looking for a new hobby or holistic career? Well read on with interest.

Maybe you’ve heard of Reiki but don’t quite know what it is. Maybe you’re considering Reiki but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you. Or maybe your doctor has suggested reiki as a form of therapy complementary to your existing medical treatments.

Whatever your questions, as an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher I am here to help and I will walk you through the basics of Reiki,  a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of natural hands-on, energy-based healing and what it can do for your body., mind and soul.

What is reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.

Mikao Usui developed reiki in the early 1900s, deriving the term from the Japanese words rei, meaning “universal,” and ki, which refers to the vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Now, reiki is used all over the world, including in hospitals and hospices, to complement other forms of health treatments. Reiki aids in healing by helping people become energetically balanced — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

The health benefits of reiki

Reiki promotes relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief to improve overall health and well-being. It can:

  • Bring on a meditative state.
  • Foster tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery.
  • Stimulate your body’s immune system.
  • Promote natural self-healing.
  • Relieve pain and tension.
  • Support the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis

Studies show that reiki treatment may create feelings of:

  • Peace.
  • Relaxation.
  • Security.
  • Wellness.

Can reiki replace traditional treatments?

No. Reiki treatment should not be used as a substitute for the consultation of a physician or a psychotherapist. Reiki complements other types of medical and therapeutic treatments, and it can increase the efficacy of other types of healing.

If you’re already in good health, though, regular reiki treatments can enhance your ability to respond to stress and serve as a form of preventive medicine.

What conditions does reiki treat?

Because it works on the entire self – mind, body and emotions – and because it is a universal life force energy, reiki may be successful in all types of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing,

Reiki isn’t specific to any particular type of disease or condition but may help people with:

  • Cancer.
  • Chronic pain.
  • Infertility.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Parkinson’s disease.
  • Psychological distress, including depression and anxiety.
  • Stress-related illnesses.

Reiki can also help you prepare for surgery, which may help boost your recovery afterward.

How does reiki work?

Reiki practitioners act as a conduit between you and the source of the universal life force energy. The energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to you. The patient determines the energy flow from the practitioner’s hands by taking only what they need. This helps the patient know that we are supporting them only in what they need rather than what we think they need. This makes it the perfect balance to meet the patient’s needs.”

What happens during a reiki session?

Reiki treatments vary in length according to the clients needs.. During a session, you’ll lie on a massage table or sit in a chair fully clothed, as your reiki practitioner gently places their hands, palms down, on or just above your body in specific energy locations. They use a series of different hand positions. 

The length of time that the practitioner leaves their hands in each position is determined by the flow of energy through their hands at location. Reiki differs from other touch therapies in that there is no pressure, massage or manipulation involved.

What does reiki feel like?  

You may experience the energy in the form of sensations like heat, tingling or pulsing where the Reiki practitioner has placed their hands. Sometimes, people feel sensations moving throughout the body, while other people do not perceive any change at all.

Most people feel very relaxed and peaceful during reiki treatment, and many fall asleep during the process.


At first this system of healing that arrives with attunements can, on the surface, seem like we are connecting to something outside of ourselves, something new. But slowly we unravel that there is nothing outside. We are not working to channel an external force greater than ourselves; rather, we are becoming who we really are. The Great Bright Light within.  You are Reiki. The system provides a simple and profound practice of remembering that you are embodied soul energy.


By connecting to the universal intelligence, you can begin to feel the underlying web that is woven through all existence, heal your life and understand the deepest nature of your True Self. Rooted in Buddhist wisdom, this is a pathway of connecting to our inner medicine because it is a means of giving attention to our inner Buddha. This being lives in us all and heals with its very presence. It offers unconditional love and kindness, and sees clearly through compassionate eyes. This awakened inner being loves all it touches. Discovering this aspect of ourselves is the Reiki way – a lifelong journey.

It is not just ‘spiritual energy’ as a concept, it is the essence of the Universe that flows through all of life. The essence of ourselves. When we connect through our heart, we discover that our heart is connected to the heart of all things. Spiritual energy is all of the cosmic energy of the formless. We often see Spirit as separate from ourselves, so language points us in this direction even further, yet Spirit is All That Is.

Clients often describe it as a warm blanket because it is the blanket of immeasurable space unto which we all exist. What could be more natural? What could be more spiritual? This energy is Source.

Reiki comes from within you, the greatest you, the part that remembers not only where you came from, but who you are, right now. You are powerful. You are vast.

You are connected. You are unlimited, unbound and unbreakable.

This is all so much more dynamic than a complementary therapy, though that is an undeniably beautiful and practical expression of it. Reiki is a deeply spiritual, holistic practice focusing on the wellbeing of the practitioner. Our practice evolves through our years of tenderly getting to know the energy. As our understanding of it broadens, it extends far beyond the time we set aside for personal hands-on healing to control, or aggressively assert healing; we choose instead to indulge in peace.  Reiki is everywhere.

This is one of the most remarkable things about Mikao Usui’s method: he created a very practical, very approachable, yet very rich spiritual practice which requires no belief and yet provides limitless applications of universal energy through direct experience – from deep personal meditation to healing clients in hospital settings. Our focus is inward.

Whatever transpires on the external level simply can’t compete with the treasure we discover within. These are the riches no one can take away and no one can give, yet they create wealth for us all. Others benefit as a natural occurrence – an offshoot of our practice. This flowering tree provides abundantly beyond ourselves. Our work is to nurture the tree, to root down into the earth, to open it to receive sunlight and rain. 

Reiki 1 provides an experience of the true Self while awakening your innate healing abilities. Through a carefully crafted journey, you’ll attune to the frequency of your soul, connect to the empowering energy of Reiki, and be nurtured with the support of a beautiful community. Attunements are shared to activate a tangible awareness of Reiki, connecting you to your soul consciousness. Tailored for beginners – whether you’ve never had a Reiki session before or have had many and read all the books – our course is designed to meet your needs where you are. 

Reiki Level 2  expands your connection to Reiki and provides a toolbox full of creative uses while providing you with all the guidance to set up your own successful practice. We focus on spiritual growth, intuitive development, and working professionally. Upon completion you will be able to have insurance, open a Reiki Practice, and volunteer within charities and hospices. 

Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher gives you further knowledge and allows you to teach Reiki and give attunements.

Here at Simply Feeling Good we offer all levels of traditional Usui Reiki along with Angelic Reiki, Dolphin Reiki and Sacred Geometry Reiki.

All courses can be taught as stand alone courses with attunements, manuals and certificates or online in our membership site, studying at your own pace in your own time with physical attunements. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Membership page to sign up.