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The Unique Soul Healing System​

Do you feel like your life is at a standstill? Are you holding yourself back? Would you like to banish your fears and remove your limitations? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions we can help you. Read on to find out how.


You may well have seen our signature Unique Soul Healing System advertised but let us tell you more about it. The Healing Course is exclusive to us and is different to other healing courses, it is definitely not a hands on healing like Reiki, this is you healing yourself. It is a deep soul healing that you only have to go through once, it keeps on working, think of it like an onion, the healing peels away the layers and removes all your past traumas and issues.

The Healing Course is a stand alone course and it works on the 12 chakras of the Aquarian age. Firstly, we align your chakras and then individually work and heal each of the chakras by the process of guided visualisations and various activities. After each we encourage you to journal your experiences, thoughts and feelings. You also have the option to discuss your experiences with a qualified Unique Soul Healing Practitioner for greater clarification and understanding.

The healing works from the inside out and finds your inner trauma and emotional issues. When your chakras are balanced, healed and in alignment you can move forward in life with a clearer vision and a positive mindset. After you have healed the 12 chakras, we then lead you through the five steps which we give you so that you can re-visit if you are having a tough time or need further clarity.


During the course you will be fully supported by your friendly Practitioners and can contact them with any questions or queries you may have.


The Healing Course is IHPM accredited and rigorously tested, firstly there is the Foundation Course, and this is essential to prepare you and to help you understand the importance of safe practice such as grounding and protection and gives you all the information you need to prepare for the Healing Course.


The Unique Soul Healing Course is  available to purchase in full via the Shop page on the website or they are available as part of the membership portal on a monthly module basis included in the membership price.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and look forward to a more meaningful life journey and a new you. 




Everything you feel and experience comes from your Chakra System.

When you feel an emotional upset like a knot in your tummy area then your Solar Plexus Chakra is out of a balance. If you are feeling a lack of love for yourself you will feel the emotion in your Heart Chakra.

If you are struggling to voice your truth then you will feel your Throat Chakra out of balance because you will feel a lump in your throat.

By using sounds and crystals and by linking to your personal energy, Corrina will bring your chakras into balance.  Corrina will then give you a spiritual healing facial where she receives the messages you need from spirit to help you heal.

Corrina is a spiritual healer so her messages are about the causes not your symptoms. To truly heal we must know the cause, in a safe angelic way. Once you know the cause we can heal by accepting and releasing, and most importantly now at this point you will know you are standing in your own light and power for yourself. That is when incredible changes will start to happen.

This is a standalone therapy, however it can also be a stepping stone towards going through the Unique Soul Healing System.

Sessions are £35 for 45 minutes.

We also offer a guided visualisation and journal with this therapy – if you choose this option the session lasts a little longer and is an additional £20.

Coming Soon: Become an Angelic Crystal Healing Practitioner. £295 2 day course.

To arrange your Angelic Crystal Sound Healing session please contact Corrina.




All of our courses are IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) accredited. Do you struggle with any of the following?

  • Relationships

  • Confidence and negative thinking

  • Finances

  • Career path concerns

  • Health issues

  • Stress

Simply Feeling Good is here to give you the information and tools to make spiritual healing possible. Alongside this, you will have the experience and wisdom from our founders to help guide you through the process.

Our aim is to teach you to heal yourself, by treating and understanding the cause, not the symptoms. You are in control of your own life.

The system is split into four courses: Foundation, Healing, Practitioners, and Masters. Each course allows you to develop your knowledge and understanding further. You must complete the courses in order, to ensure that you are taking in all the information correctly.

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We offer Usui Reiki Level 1 in a One Day Workshop.

This workshop covers Usui Reiki history, how to practice safely, guided meditations and the ‘Level 1 Attunement’ followed by time to practise with other students.  Reiki 1: The attunement itself helps heal the physical level diseases in the person who is receiving it. You will be able to direct Reiki either by physical contact or through the layers of energy surrounding the living being – the aura=. Reiki 1 is primarily for your own use, to heal yourself, your family friends and pets. 

Usui Level 1 Investment is £75 including manual, attunement and tuition. 

Reiki Level 2 is a One Day Workshop and includes tuition, manual and attunement along with a certificate.

Reiki 2: You begin to use the symbols. The attunement increases the amount of healing energy, by focusing on emotional, mental and karmic healing in the person who receives it. A person may feel spacey or tingly, may have intense dreams or experience detoxification symptoms. It may also cause an emotional release. What is happening is that the energy is adjusting and increasing the new healer’s capacity to channel it. A Reiki 2 qualification is generally necessary if you wish to practice Reiki as a complimentary healer working with the general public.

Reiki Level 2: Course Investment £125.

Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher

This is also a one day workshop including full tuition, manual and attunement and certificate.

The Master/Teacher stage, you are given more symbols to increase healing abilities. At this level one is taught how to teach Reiki and pass it on to others. A thorough knowledge of the attunement process is gained and the student is taught how to pass it on to others.

Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher Course Investment £170


The Practitioners course enables you to take clients through the Unique Soul Healing system and involves the Healing course with added content for the Practitioners. The Practitioners course requires 12 modules, each of which has a required essay, these are all about you and your perceptions. Through these essays you will understand yourself and this helps to support your clients for a better experience and optimum healing. You will be taught how to deliver the USH System and how to work safely and with the 5th dimensional energies. The USH Masters and Practitioners are available for support and guidance throughout the course. A requirement of the Practitioners course is that you undertake a case study whereby you take a client through the healing, this is overseen and assessed by a Master. It is necessary to document and evaluate each session with your client. When your case study is complete you then have the USH Knowledge test to pass the course. You will receive both the Foundation and the Healing manuals. The Practitioners course is fully IHPM accredited, and you will receive a certificate on completion. On completion of the Practitioners course you are qualified to set up your own business guiding others through the Unique Soul Healing System itself. You will have full support from the Unique Soul Healing Founders – Simply Feeling Good in Folkestone.


This course will now qualify you to teach the Practitioners course, allowing you to tutor others to take people through the entire Unique Soul Healing System. You will learn about the guidelines and standards of Unique Soul Healing. This is a certified course, and once completed you will receive an accredited certificate from the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

These courses can be undertaken alone, or with the guidance from Simply Feeling Good.

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Unique Soul Healing System: February 2022

I really enjoyed the course, please find my review below.

The journey through this course has helped me understand my feelings, and deal with problems and unwanted thoughts, with a more positive mindset. I feel calmer and more capable of dealing with what life throws at me. 

Many thanks Fiona 



My names Bethany and I have just completed The Unique Soul Healing course known as USH. 

I went into this course a little optimistic I couldn’t understand how it would heal past/present issues within my soul. 

When I say this course changed my life I really do mean that; it helped save my marriage, made me a better mother, friend, daughter. Through this course I learned something new  at every point not only with spirituality but with myself and the world. 

This course helped me understand my rooted issues and how to heal them and move forward in a positive way. I had a few trauma’s in my life which I could never let go of and now I’m soaring high without them weighing my down and drowning me anymore. 

The Tutors are incredible and they really do make the course; without their continuous support, wisdom, kindness and advice I wouldn’t be where I am now and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. 

I was worried about judgement of what I went through and how I felt and the tutors went above and beyond to make me feel safe, heard and understood as well as helping me help myself to heal. You become so vulnerable when opening up in this way and it can be extremely scary to do that however with the unconditional support it’s such a great experience and you feel completely capable of anything. As much as it’s a serious course that is really informative the tutors are very good at helping lighten things up to. They are great fun and really know how to make you laugh and smile so it really does feel completely amazing. 


I did things I never thought I would in this course and it’s made me so much stronger and I can honestly say I have full faith in this course, in the team and I would 100% recommended to anyone. 


I will always always be grateful for this course, and I will forever be thankful. 





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