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In 2016 Unique Soul Healing was born out of love and light. We are dedicated to serving Source for the higher good and to whoever seeks guidance on their spiritual journey of wellbeing and mindfulness. We are a team that has been blessed in working with Ascended Master Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel and Master Paul the Venetian. Through their wonderful channelling we have produced the Unique Soul Healing™ System healing experience that is totally and uniquely tailored for each individual.

Through the Unique Soul Healing™ experience your mind, body and soul will come into perfect balance, establishing the perfect platform for spiritual evolution leading to optimum wellbeing and mindfulness.

We offer IPHM-accredited Practitioners and Master Teacher training courses, teaching individuals to deliver the healing programme to individuals or groups, and to become teachers themselves.

We are a non-religious organisation and we welcome all beliefs, faiths and sceptics – we are International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and this healing is brought to the world for everyone who is seeking to heal and move forward.


Simply Feeling Good pledges to provide information, tools and techniques, experience, wisdom and knowledge of the highest calibre to all persons. 

We offer continued professional spiritual development and wellbeing courses to maintain the delivery of standards of the highest quality, supporting and nurturing all persons in their quest for self-healing, wellbeing and to help you ‘Shine from Within’.


We all get affected by things throughout our journey in life – our bodies are the same, our stories are unique.

You may have specific issues, concerns or circumstances that are affecting your happiness, or you may be feeling a little lost, stuck, or unable to move forward.

There are many things that affect us and can manifest as issues in love, relationships, work, money, health, and behaviours.

We support you in identifying the source of any issues so that you can resolve them, and engage in spiritual healing, enabling you to move forward.

We have been blessed with receiving the Unique Soul Healing™ System so that we can share it with you. We give you a safe space in which to heal and empower yourself, finding the cause and working backwards so that you release the pain, suffering and anxiety to promote optimum wellbeing and spiritual health.

You can find new freedom in life, stand in your own power, gain confidence, allow forgiveness, and fully accept yourself and others. We support you in finding your comfort, direction and happiness.

You are your own spiritual healer – we assist you in understanding and accelerating your spiritual growth, wellbeing and mindfulness.

See below to read the inspiring stories of Corrina Bristow and Janet Bristow, Founders of Simply Feeling Good and the Unique Soul Healing™ system.




My journey started many years ago in my childhood. With gratitude, I received my first messages from the spirit world and I felt the veil had been lifted. I became aware of the love of God within my heart, and from that moment I knew a journey had started of self-discovery and finding out my life purpose. It was like I was being called to do something that I had yet to find out.

I moved to Folkestone in 1993 and started the ‘Home of Light’ which supported children, the homeless, and people with learning disabilities. Between us, Corrina and I ran two shops for therapies and crystals, and a healing social circle. But then our guides told us to close the shops, the ‘Home of Light’ charity didn’t deliver, and the social circle dried up. We were advised to continue on our journey and await what will happen. Daily life and work continued and we were both concentrating on our jobs and other commitments.

Following recovery from a serious illness, my interests peaked again and I decided to follow my passion – to make a decision to do what I wanted to do.


I found a circle that helped me to develop my clairvoyance abilities, leading into deep trance. I stayed in the circle until my spirit guide, White Hawk, told me I had learnt everything that I needed to and it was time to leave.

That was 7 years later and I left with great awareness of the spirit world and an understanding of my own gifts.

I continued my learning and development, studying and becoming a teacher for the Diana Cooper Foundation:, from 2012 onwards, involving Angels and Keys to the Universe. I am a certified Angel Reader with Doreen Virtue.

Around the same time as Corrina’s downloads started, we made a decision in September 2015 to start work, and in 2016 the Unique Soul Healing™ System was born.

The healing course has been given to Corrina over many years working with Ascended Master St Germain, and I now feel I have been blessed from the spirit world and found my life purposes in delivering the healing course and teaching.  I love to pass on the experience I have and help others on their journey with love and light.



I have a gift: I am able to see through people’s personality and ego and I can purely see your soul. From your soul are energy ripples being sent out to the Universe. I see your blockages. My job is to help you see and understand these blockages so that you can experience abundance; whether this is better relationships, more money, or having the success that is rightfully yours.

The process of developing the Unique Soul Healing™ System has been purely organic – I haven’t read anything on this and there have been no other influences. I know what I have been given is completely pure and I feel blessed to have received it and be able share it.

My absolute dream is to see as many people as possible going through this healing and living the life they want and love.



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