Today we look at the Element, Spirit

Did you know that there is a fifth element? Yes its Spirit, and its responsible for everything that we do think, say and achieve. While the four “classical” Elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water—together comprise the physical world, there is a Fifth Element, often referred to as Spirit, that exists within all four of them. The Spirit Element is immaterial, yet present in all things, and does not exist apart from anything else. It is invisible, but essential for connection and balance between all other Elements.

It dwells in us as living beings, both when we are aware of it and when we are not. But when we are aware of Spirit, and when we have clear and focused intentions, we can utilise this core, fundamental energy to manifest desired change.

Spirit is unlike the other four Elements in that, since it is part of everything, it does not have any specific correspondences (at least in most traditions). One exception is colour may be represented by the colour white, as white is composed of all colours combined. Spirit does not have an associated gender, energy type, season, or cardinal direction. It is associated with the entire Wheel of the Year.

In ancient Greece, where the Western concept of the Elements originates, it became obvious to Aristotle and others that something was missing from the classical set of physical substances Earth, Air, Fire Water. After all, the Greeks were not strict materialists—they recognised a divine presence and worshipped many individual deities, so they knew that there was more to the Universe than meets the eye. The word “Aether” was applied to what the Greek philosophers saw as the “upper air,” or the air that the Gods breathed in the celestial sphere. It had initially been considered to be part of the Element of Air, but later it became clear that this energy was an Element in its own right. Today, many traditions the word “Aether” as the name of the Fifth Element.

Others, however, refer to the Spirit Element as Akasha, a Sanskrit word translating roughly as “space” or “atmosphere.” This is not meant in our modern sense of “outer space,” but rather an absence of physical form, an energy that is present in all things but is not physical itself. Akasha is seen as the “original” Element, from which all creation came. This Eastern concept is not exactly identical to the Western concept of “spirit,” but the similarities were sufficient for later spiritual and religious traditions to adopt “Akasha” into their terminologies.

No matter which term is used, the Element of Spirit—the Fifth Element—can be elusive to grasp, even though it is within and all around us. It can be particularly difficult to keep in our awareness in the busy, noisy modern world we live in. That’s why meditation, prayer, and ritual are treasured practices among spiritual seekers of all kinds. When we get quiet and still, when we come and observe our sacred rituals we can more easily get back in touch with this all-encompassing Element—an energy that is so intangible and mysterious, it’s no wonder that it has so many different names.

It is the element that bridges the Heavenly/Celestial realms with the physical. Aristotle further expanded on the four elements by identifying them with the seasons as well as male/female characteristics. Fire-Autumn; male: Air-Summer; male: Water-Spring; Female: Earth-Spring; female. 

The fifth element embodies all four elements of creation through the celestial plane. Through the study of the five elements along with the interactions they have in all realms, it is clear to us that they move in seasonal phases that affect our lives.

The elements represent certain aspects of our lives and transformation. Earth is material, body, home, and abundance; Air represents mind, thoughts, philosophy, truths, and ideas; Fire stands for spirit, soul path, actions, ambition, and creativity; and Water symbolises heart, emotions, intuition, love, and faith. The fifth aspect is the all-encompassing spiritual flow of the universe and its symbol is usually a spiral or circles. It is meant to be the bridge between the natural and the soul translating between the celestial/heavenly realms. This is the Elemental Pentagram and it represents the hierarchy of the elements as part of humanity and how the spirit flows down to each element and its placement in creation.

There are many different beliefs about how man was created or came into existence. Many choose to believe that we are divine creatures created by a divine being: God. In the quest for more knowledge about how we are influenced by the elements and how we can govern them, we can take from  a simple verse in the Bible. Streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground. Then the LORD GOD formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:6-7)

In Judeo-Christian understanding, the soul is symbolised by fire and we know that our bodies have to maintain a certain temperature in order to survive; therefore, we have fire on a physical plane and within a spiritual level.

Jesus, who walked the earth in his human form, was able to command all of creation and told us that we are able to do this as well. It is apparent that if we are divinely part of a larger created universe then we can work with it to bring about transformation and healing. There are many ways that we can access the celestial realm and use the elements for healing and enlightenment.

In the Native American culture, the elements are also under the power of men when they call to the water element for rain through the Rain Dance, which has been performed throughout their history. The Rain Dance was usually performed with costumes and ceremony during the driest month of the year. The ritual was said to have been used only during dire drought times and was a success. The Rain Dance is still performed today by groups and individuals, It is said that we influence the elements as much as they influence us whether physically through the use of scientific equipment or through spiritual intention. The universe is tied to our existence; we are clearly a part of it. It is this spiritual connection that allows the spirit to speak to us when we are having some difficulty hearing Spirit or finding our path.

Spirit represents the prime element present in all things, providing space, connection and balance for all elements to exist.  It is essential to our sense of connectedness with spirit and well-being.  Spirit represents the sense of joy and union, transcendence, transformation, change, everywhere and nowhere, within and without, and includes enlightenment, finding your life path, spiritual knowledge, seeing and understanding karmic paths of life.




Table for the Element of Spirit

DirectionCentre and Circumference, Within and Throughout
RulesTranscendence, transformation, change, immanence, balance
EssenceUnderlies all, connecting all
Energy FlowNonlocal
Direction of ViewHolistic
Part of PersonSpirit
Physical StateSingularity
ImageBlue-White Light
Word of PowerOM
PostureBack straight, arms sweep, then rest at side
AffirmationI am Balanced. I am All.
TimeBeyond time, for all time is one time
SeasonThe turning wheel
ColoursViolet, Ultraviolet
WindTornado of Power
SenseInner Knowing
IncenseCombination Incense
TreeThe Flowering Almond
ChakraThe Third Eye
VisualizationViolet Pentacle

The element of Spirit represents expansion and enhancement. When it is in a balanced state, it induces knowledge and awareness to understand new and creative ideas. The Space element encompasses everything around us and influences the mind and the heart. Enhancing the Spirit element helps you smoothly sync your energies with the Universal energies.

The influence of the Spirit element is limitless. Balancing the element can in fact give you highest self-healing powers. You can heal anything from addictions, heartbreak to depression. The  element is most powerful and dominant because without this element none of the other 4 elements can exist. If there is no Spirit, nothing can exist. So, it is crucial that we get up every morning and thank Spirit for supporting Life and all Life forms, including us.

Try to surround yourself with the colour blue. This colour is associated with the Spirit element. While in meditation, sit silently and feel the expanse of Spirit. Connect with the sounds of the Universe. Feel the peace.Engage in some form of Art or Music.Travel a lot. Learn and Explore. Focus on the sense of hearing, whether to conversations, responses or the sounds of nature. Spend time with literature/music/movies/images that inspire you on a regular basis.

Consciously practice ‘Big Picture’ thinking. Expand your horizon from carrying through day to day activities to thinking about the larger purpose and rhythm of Life.

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