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The Unique Soul Healing is not a hands-on style healing like Reiki it is a complete system that heals from the inside out. Firstly, you undertake the Foundation Course which instructs you in safe practise and underpins the Healing Course. Then you start the Healing Course, you are guided to align your chakras, USH works on the 12 Chakra system. You heal yourself through a series of guided visualizations and activities journaling after each and you can discuss with your Practitioner/Master if you choose to.

There are guided visualisations for each of the 12 chakras and through these you will heal and understand your inner thoughts and feelings, you can unlock your past pain and emotions.

After you have completed the 12 chakras, you are then given the 5 steps which you can return to any time you wish. The USH healing is permanent, and you only need go through it once. It stays with you forever.

The Practitioner course enables you to take clients through the Unique Soul Healing System and involves the Healing Course with added content for the Practitioners.  The Practitioner Course requires 12 Modules each of which has a required essay, these are all about you and your perceptions. Through these essays you will understand yourself and this helps to support your clients for a better experience and optimum healing.

You will be taught how to deliver the USH System and how to work safely and with the 5th Dimensional energies. The USH Masters and Practitioners are available for support and guidance throughout the course.

Once you have been through the Healing you may wish to undertake the Practitioners Course whereby you are qualified to take others through the Unique Soul Healing System, the  requirement of the Practitioners Course is that you undertake further training which includes essays and practical sessions including a case study whereby you take a client through the healing, this is overseen and assessed by a Master. It is necessary to document and evaluate each session with your client. When your case study is complete you then have the USH Knowledge test to pass the course.  You will receive both the Foundation and the Healing Manuals.

The Practitioners course is fully IHPM accredited, and you will receive a certificate on completion.

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Logo white + yellow


What is Reiki?

Reiki is the laying on of hands to heal. The word Rei means universal transcendental essence or mysterious power – spiritual consciousness and supernatural knowledge. The word Ki means the energy that gives life to all living things.

When a person’s Ki is low or blocked, they become prone to disease. Reiki allows a person to heal themselves and others by unblocking the blocked channels. Reiki not only increases the life energy of Ki but it also connects the person to the source of all universal Ki. While everything that has life has Ki, Reiki attunements connect the receiver in an increased way to its limitless resource.

Although it is possible to learn Reiki from a book, it is the attunement which directs the reiki energy, and these can only be given by a Reiki Master/Teacher. The Reiki attunements fine tune a person’s ability to channel Ki and use it for healing others or oneself. The process opens up and links the energy centres or chakras of the body.

There are other forms of natural healing in use today, but Reiki is unique in the fact that it taps into the universal source of Ki during the healing session and is not using the healer’s own energy reserves.

Reiki Levels

Reiki is divided into three levels:

Reiki 1: The attunement itself helps heal the physical level diseases in the person who is receiving it. You will be able to direct Reiki either by physical contact or through the layers of energy surrounding the living being – the aura=.

Reiki 1 is primarily for your own use, to heal yourself, your family friends and pets. You do not use any of the symbols at this level as they are already there in your aura, the result of your attunement.

Reiki 2: You begin to use the symbols. The attunement increases the amount of healing energy, by focusing on emotional, mental and karmic healing in the person who receives it. A person may feel spacey or tingly, may have intense dreams or experience detoxification symptoms. It may also cause an emotional release. What is happening is that the energy is adjusting and increasing the new healer’s capacity to channel it. A Reiki 2 qualification is generally necessary if you wish to practice Reiki as a complimentary healer working with the general public.

Reiki 3/4:  The Master/Teacher stage, you are given more symbols to increase healing abilities. At this level one is taught how to teach Reiki and pass it on to others. A thorough knowledge of the attunement process is gained and the student is taught how to pass it on to others.

We offer all 3 Reiki levels which include Full instruction, Manuals and Attunement.

Reiki 1. £75.00

Reiki 2. £125.00

Reiki 3. Master/Teacher £170.00

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