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Our lives have become full of hustle and bustle. So many responsibilities that we place upon ourselves. So many places we have to be and people we need to see. All these attachments pull us in so many different directions, we lose who we are. Do you know what your purpose is? Would you like to find that inner peace and strength? At Simply Feeling Good we all practice meditations, enjoy the benefits of them and share them with our members.

There are many benefits to doing meditations. These include gaining new perspectives, learning how to manage stress, self awareness, reducing negative emotions and thoughts, lowering blood pressure, better sleep and more. The benefits continue working even after the meditation has stopped. I have been practising meditation for a while now and have found my emotional and psychological reactions to situations has changed. I am in full control and have a lot less of the negative emotion, no longer do I deal with the downward spiral of overthinking a situation. Simply Feeling Good offers meditations with their membership, go now to our site and start getting your life where you want it to be.


Some research suggests that meditation may help with medical conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, tension headaches and more. If you do have any of these conditions then always speak with a medical professional first.

There are different types of meditations that you can do. These are:-


Guided meditation – this type of meditation is sometimes called visualisation, this is due to the person meditating being led by someone else or from a video through picturing different scenarios. When doing these you need to use all your senses, take note of what you are seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and feeling, these all have meanings. Being part of our membership means you are able to get in contact with us and discuss your meditations to discover these meanings.


Mantra meditation – this type of meditation is repeating a calming word or phrase to prevent distracting thoughts.


Mindfulness meditation – this type of meditation is, like the name suggests, being mindful. You increase your awareness of living in the here and now. You will take note of your experience, being aware of the flow of your breath, aware of thoughts and emotions but letting them pass by without reaction.

Tai chi – this originates from China and is a gentle form of martial arts. You slowly follow a series of movements whilst focusing on your breathing.


Transcendental meditation – for this meditation you silently repeat a personal mantra in a specific way. This type of meditation allows your body profound rest and relaxation and your mind to achieve a state of inner peace.

Yoga – this type of meditation is similar to Tai chi in that you perform a series of movements, however there are postures and breathing exercises that you need to focus on and less on the other things you’ve got going on.

Now you may be thinking I don’t know how to do this, I don’t know what to do. I used to think the same even knowing there are different types and benefits. Well, let me tell you, all you need to do is find a quiet space you can be comfortable in. This could be in your bedroom or in the middle of a field, on your own or with others. The next step is calming your mind. There are ways to practice this aspect, one is to sit in a quiet room, light a candle, calm your breathing and focus on only the flame. You will find your mind veering off in different directions, that is fine just let the thought go and continue your focus on the flame. This needs to be done for 5 minutes only to start with, and as you become successful in having a clear mind for this time you can increase it incrementally to 20 minutes. By being a Simply Feeling Good member you would have access to new meditations each month and others already posted. Additionally to this our team will be on hand to discuss your meditations and development. Simply Feeling Good members also have access to live online meditations you can participate in.