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The Karma Chameleon

So often we hear the term Karma thrown around and frequently it is used to legitimise divine justice. For example, Karma will get him in the end.


I want to call it rubbish on this one straight up. Karma isn’t divine justice. Far from it.


The concept of Karma has unfortunately been used in some societies as a means of control. Whole populations of people have been programmed to believe that if they are born into a particular level of society (usually the most poor and disadvantaged or the working slave class) then they are working through karma and they have to suffer their lot. It reminds me somewhat of the Catholic tradition of confession – if a person believes they live in sin and need to continuously return to the priest for absolution then they become easy to control. Likewise, if a person believes they must suffer a hard existence and be in servitude to their masters or betters because they have to overcome past life karma it is control not growth.


Here is where the Chameleon comes into the picture. A chameleon of course is a lizard which changes its skin colour to blend into it’s surroundings for protection. Groups who maintain systems of servitude for their benefit have changed the skin colour of Karma to blend in.


Let me explain… Karma in its pure sense is an opportunity. An opportunity to burn through all the base emotions and energies we all experience as souls having a human or 3D experience and evolve past them. It is the expression of qualities such as lust, greed or material gain, anger, jealousy and the like. It is also the expression of needless suffering and self maintained suffering. Those years you sowed your oats and slept around. Karma. Those years you worked to gather finances to build excess wealth. Karma. Those times you lashed out in anger at someone or something. Karma. Equally though, those times you stayed in a relationship that was not good for you. Karma. Those times you accepted being treated less than you deserve. Karma.


Karma literally is the experience of moving from the 3D to the 5D. It is the opportunity to learn that sitting in the base emotions, energy and experiences do not bring lasting joy or happiness. Karma is the process for self realisation. Karma is not something done to you as justice, it is something we experience to grow. Be aware that some people will burn through Karma candles quickly and learn the lesson fast. Others may burn slower and take lifetimes to learn. Still others can cut the wick and go straight to the 5D understanding – these are the ones who are here to show us the way and came back after lifetimes of their own karma work to help the process along.


Karma isn’t a condition of societal class or wealth. I would say that those in power who use karma to control haven’t burnt through their karma. If you haven’t learnt that maintaining suffering and inequality doesn’t bring joy or happiness then you haven’t learnt the lesson. Equally, if you accept that you have to suffer inequality and suffering you also haven’t learnt the lesson.


One final note… If you look down on, criticise, belittle or expect divine justice then you haven’t learnt the lesson either. Whether it was suffering or inflicting suffering, remember, we all had our own karma lessons and eventual understanding of moving past karma. Let them have their opportunity to burn through the Karma too…