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Based in Folkestone, Kent we serve clients worldwide.

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Janet Bristow

Founder of Simply Feeling Good & Unique Soul Healing, Clairvoyant, Angel Teacher Healer and Spiritual Teacher

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Corrina Bristow

Founder of Simply Feeling Good & Unique Soul Healing,, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Raw Food Coach and Angelic Crystal Sound Therapist 


“This is purely about you. This is you healing yourself!” says Janet Bristow, co-founder of Simply Feeling Good (previously known as Unique Soul Healing™), on the subject of spiritual healing and the spiritual impulse of the age of Aquarius.


At Simply Feeling Good we serve clients across the UK and help you to understand how, now that we have moved from the Piscean age in the age of Aquarius  you carry the powers of spiritual healing yourself, we will show you how by using the Unique Soul Healing Programme.


Take care of your wellbeing when you invest in the right tools to help you de-stress and relax after a long day. Whether you’re looking for muscle relief after a workout or holistic self-care, meditations to relax you or just healthy food options we’ve got plenty of information and wellness advice to choose from.

Membership Site

The monthly membership is an online monthly subscription site where you can gain knowledge in everything spiritual and well being. We have regular monthly features including our Guest Professional of the month, and this month its Tara Harper who talks about living with Diabetes and gives tips to help live with the condition.

We also have our regular features, Crystal of the Month we we look at an individual crystal and look at its in depth features, this month it is Rose Quartz., Planetary Placements where we look at the Moon phases for the month and how they affect the 12 signs of the zodiac for the month.

This month we also have articles on the 5 Elements and how they influence areas of our lives, plus we also have in depth articles about the History of Tarot, the History of Reiki, and the History of Mankind. We also have our monthly crossword for you to complete.

Inclusive Courses are also included in the membership price. This month we give you the Foundation Course of our own signature course Unique Soul Healing . After completing the Foundation Course you can then start the first module of the Unique Soul Healing Program which is also available.

In future months you will learn Usui Reiki, Angel Reiki, Dolphin Reiki and Sacred Geometry Reiki. We will also be giving you Crystal Healing Courses and Crystal Sound Healing. All these course give you Certificates upon completion.

Within the membership we have a Forum in which you can interact with the Simply Feeling Good Team and other members.

We will also be doing ‘Live’ sessions and guided meditations, we are also hosting an online spiritual circle plus live question and answer sessions.

For all of this extensive monthly content and the courses and live sessions its FREE for 7 Days then  £7.99 a month thereafter. 

You can access the site anytime from the comfort of your own home, in your own time and complete the courses at your own pace.

So, what are you waiting for, sign up now

Unique Soul Healing™ Book

This book acts as THE FOUNDATION for the Unique Soul Healing™ System.

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We have one to one or group sessions, courses and training available using Zoom's video conferencing facilities.



• Shows and talks
• Raw food coaching
• Angelic crystal sound healing
• Reiki
• And more!

Foretelling the future through astrology


Listen to our latest podcast for ideas, inspiration, training and interesting topics.



An explanation of our work is available in our book, which features information on chakras, the new golden age of Aq1uarius and our spiritual healing system!



At Simply Feeling Good, our ‘Unique Soul Healing’ offer consists of continued professional spiritual development courses in your quest for self-healing, enlightenment and ascension.

We promote meditation and wellness as well as spirituality and embrace the spiritual healing power of the natural world such as the sunlight streaming through the trees affecting our chakras and every level of our being. Contact us today.

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“Today I’ve Completed the Introduction to Ascension Workshop and have had an amazing day with beautiful people. Thank you ladies, I feel amazing and have learnt so much! I actually didn’t want the day to end, and cannot wait for the next workshop. I would definitely recommend Unique Soul Healing. xxx”

Lisa Sutton



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