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Welcome to the Unique Soul Healing Practitioners Training Course.

This course is split into modules and at the end of each module there is a required essay and evaluation that needs to be completed and submitted to us before accessing the next module.

Firstly. it is necessary for you to complete the Healing Course Yourself and there is a full video of the Healing Course for you to watch and journal. 

After completing the Healing you can then progress to the Foundation Course Training. This involves, you reading and understanding the Foundation Manual along with a required assessment and essay.

After competition of the Foundation Course, you then progress to the Main Practitioners Training and work through the modules that each have a short assessment and a required essay.

After all modules have been completed, you are then required to take a client through the Healing Program of which after each session a evaluation needs to be submitted and video evidence of some of the session.

Upon Full Completion of the Practitioners Course and evidence of you taking a client through the Healing Course you will be issued with your fully IPHM accredited certificate.