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Blog 3. Elements: Earth

blog continues to explore the 5 elements and we are looking at the element Earth. We take earth for granted in some ways, think about what you are standing on? Underneath is the earth, How virtually everything relates back to the earth, what you eat, the vegetables you have in your meals all grow from the earth, the meat that you eat all comes from animals who feed from substances grown in the earth, the list is endless.

The Earth is commonly seen as feminine, the great mother; nourishment, fertility, infinite creativity, and/or longevity. When juxtaposed with heaven, earth represents matter, while heaven stands for spirit. As one of the five elements, earth can be the ground, stability, a foundation for life and for the structures of man and nature. It is represented by the cube or the square, and the colours brown, black, or yellow. As the third planet from the sun the earth has the symbol of a circle inscribed with a cross, and it can represent the cradle of humanity, home, and/or a place of origin. Along with hell can connote the great end of material life, but is also seen conversely as the maintainer of such. Continuous generations on earth give the feeling of eternity.
An ‘earthly’ man can have different attributes; he can embody wisdom, meekness “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”, forgivable human faults, and practicality. As a cycle of a man’s life it represents birth, maturity, decay and death.
However, traditionally this one of the Five Elements represents the ultimate feminine principle of the Universe – Mother Earth also known as Lady Gaia from whom all like comes and returns. She is fertile, nurturing, grounding, strong and constantly transforming as a way of honouring Nature’s changes. Lady Gaia is the base for all grounding in our Unique Soul Healing Program. There are many stories of the Earth Element including spirits that reside in plants known as the elementals or in a dimensional space just beside our own. These beings sometimes care for the trees and flowers, some live underground enjoying the Earth without human interference and some choose to interact with wanderers. Stories of elves, for example, portray them as magical. Some help kind hearted folk while others have another agenda altogether. So, in your dealings with Earth spirits, remain aware that they’re capricious and nowhere near as dependable as Mother Earth.
There are various aspects to the Earth Element well worth exploring spiritually. For example, Ley lines – lines of power – are part of that elemental vibration. They criss-cross the Earth and where they join, very frequently you find a sacred space already standing. A good example is the Standing Stones of Callanish in Scotland where myths say an ancient dragon resides, protecting stone circles throughout the world.
The Element of Earth is substantive unlike the elusive Air element. When we think of Earth we can meditate on its beautiful healing crystals and stones, the soil in which we grow food, the plants and animals it sustains and even visualise it from space as a gentle reminder of our celestial Island. Earth energies facilitate all manner of manifestation by putting down strong roots from which our dreams grow into reality, again, connecting with Lady Gaia.
That is not to say that the Earth Element has nothing but positive characteristics. It can be fierce. Just watch a volcano erupt or the damage from a quake. This kind of power is why it is so important to respect our mother, you know the old saying: it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.
Realistically any Colour found in nature can represent Earth. However the most common hues used to symbolise Earth energies are Brown, Black and Green.

In esoteric traditions, sometimes the symbol for the Element of Earth comes out of Nature’s reflections. The orange-gold of Fall or the clean White of Winter when Earth rests are two examples. This is purely a personal choice. Listen to the land and let it guide you. Earth energies are excellent for geomantic and alchemical endeavours. You can also call on Earth energies for grounding, growth, protection, attraction, the inner workings of the soul/spirit, cycles and abundance just to name a few. The key is choosing the right components and symbols for your ritual or mediation. An acorn, for example, is a good way to represent potentials. A bowl of grain offered to the ground with a wish for providence is another illustration.
For those drawn to Druidic practices, Earth is a great ally and guide. It offers you a gateway to animal and plant spirits while also providing the stability to keep one foot firmly planted on Terra Firma. This Element also suits magical gardeners, crystal workers and herbalists.
Earth provides the stable environment from which all life (as we know it) springs, lives and thrives. She is our foundation of all things. Earth, Lady Gaia or Mother Earth receives the “seeds” of all other Elements and, in turn, gifts us with abundance.
For any form of divination, the Earth Element provides grounding for both a client and diviner or reader. Seeing some form of the Earth Element in a psychic reading can mean that a client is pregnant or soon to be pregnant. Seeing a garden in a psychic reading could portend that the client is starting or already has a business which will be prosperous.
Astrologically the Earth Element governs Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn.
All people born under these Western Zodiac Signs require strong sensual input so they can experience every part of life down to the last jot and tittle.
The Earth Element comes into these three charts with a sense of reality, productivity and the capacity to turn nearly everything they touch into something tangible.
As you might expect, astrologically, Earth people are well grounded. They see the big picture but know you can’t access that until all the other pieces are put in place properly. That drive won’t keep the Earth person from getting outdoors, however.

Crystals & Stones: Coal, Copper, Emerald, Halite, Hematite, Iron Ore, Picture Jasper, Jet, Peridot, Petrified Wood, Salt and Green Tourmaline.
Animals: Wolf, Bear, Gopher, Worm, Stag, Bison, Ant and all animals that burrow under the soil
Plants: Wheat, Barley, Sage, Corn, Ivy, Mugwort, Oak, Patchouli; Potatoes; Moss; Ground covers
When the Element of Earth appears in a dream it typically counsels a need for grounding and perspective. If you feel insecure, figure out the source and let the Earth element restore your stability. Seeing the Earth from space may represent thinking globally.
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