Annual Conferences and Symposia on the Violet Flame: Uniting Practitioners in Spiritual Growth and Transformation


Every year, a number of conferences, symposia, and festivals are held in honor of the Violet Flame, bringing together practitioners and enthusiasts to discuss the teachings and transforming potential of this energy. These gatherings provide chances for personal development, fostering links within the community, and sharing insights and experiences. This summary describes some of the main yearly Violet Flame-focused events, including the themes covered, the speakers’ backgrounds, and the kinds of workshops available to attendees.

Violet Flame Convergence

• Synopsis: The Violet Flame Convergence is a premier gathering that unites practitioners worldwide to enhance their comprehension of the teachings and practices of the Violet Flame.

• Topics Covered: A wide range of topics are covered in workshops and lectures, such as energy healing, spiritual alchemy, Violet Flame meditation techniques, and using Violet Flame principles in everyday life.

• Speakers Bio: The Violet Flame Convergence will feature talks by well-known spiritual teachers, healers, and writers in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. Experts in energy medicine, esoteric wisdom traditions, and Violet Flame teachings are frequently featured as speakers.

• Workshops Offered: To strengthen their bond with the Violet Flame, participants can select from a range of immersive workshops. 

International Violet Flame Symposium

• Description: Practitioners, academics, and spiritual seekers interested in learning more about the Violet Flame’s transformative potential for planetary and personal healing come together for the International Violet Flame Symposium.

• Subjects Covered: The Violet Flame is the subject of symposium sessions that address a wide range of subjects, including its scientific study, practical applications, spiritual meaning, and historical roots.

• Speakers’ bios: Reputable academics, investigators, and spiritual guides from many backgrounds are asked to share their knowledge and viewpoints regarding the Violet Flame. Experts in energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics, and spirituality may be among the speakers.

Workshops Offered

Attending workshops, seminars, and experiential events that delve into many facets of the Violet Flame teachings is an option available to participants. Workshop topics could include spiritual alchemy, decrees and affirmations, visualization techniques, and incorporating the Violet Flame into daily life.

Violet Flame Festival

• Description: With seminars, performances, and community get-togethers, the Violet Flame Festival is a colorful celebration of the Violet Flame’s transformational potential.

• Topics Covered: The Violet Flame festival covers a broad spectrum of subjects, such as energy healing techniques, creative manifestations of spiritual metamorphosis, holy ceremonies, and meditation techniques.

• Speakers’ bios: The Violet Flame Festival frequently hosts musicians, painters, and performers that weave Violet Flame themes into their pieces in addition to spiritual instructors and healers. Visionary artists, sound healers, and embodiment practitioners are possible speakers.

• Workshops: A wide range of experiential sessions and workshops that suit a variety of interests and preferences are available for participants to select from. 


Annual conferences, symposia, and festivals dedicated to the Violet Flame offer valuable opportunities for practitioners to deepen their spiritual practice, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore the transformative power of this ancient spiritual technology. With a diverse range of topics, esteemed speakers, and experiential workshops, these events inspire participants to embody the teachings of the Violet Flame and contribute to the collective evolution of consciousness.

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